Rotator Lightbar

Foto 1 - TBD-2103C/F Rotator Lightbar
Foto 2 - TBD-2103C/F Rotator Lightbar
Foto 3 - TBD-2103C/F Rotator Lightbar


Model: TBD-2103C/F
Power: 204W
Light Source: HALOGEN
Lens Source: BLUE/BLUE
Speaker: Avalable
NW: 13KG
GW: 15KG
Power: 1260 x 385 x 245
QTY per Carton: 1


TBD-2000 Halogen Series

Streamline appearance. The lamp-house adopts two high-quality halogen-tungsten bubls as shooting light, four as flash light and four as rotary light distrubuted on the left and the right symmetrically. The light have light luminous efficiency, good light color and strong background light resistance and fog penetrability.  The product adopts stainless steel, aluminium alloy and PC material, which makes it durable and reduces it's weight.

The product not only has waterproof, dust-proof and weather-resistant structures, but also water discharge design. Hence, it's accostomed to tempest, chilliness and intense heat. It's widely used in special vehicles and on speedways for danger signal indication.

As it's outline  and lamp-house have multiple functions, so users can choose proper type according to different vehicles and places.
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