Strobe Lightbar

Foto 1 - TBD-3205E/F Strobe Lightbar
Foto 2 - TBD-3205E/F Strobe Lightbar
Foto 3 - TBD-3205E/F Strobe Lightbar


Model: TBD-3205E/F
Power: 272W
Light Source: STROBE TUBES
Lens Source: CLEAR/CLAER
Speaker: Avalable
NW: 16.5KG
GW: 18.5KG
Power: 1260 x 380 x 295
QTY per Carton: 1


TBD-3000 Strobes Tubes Seris, The Bulbs of the product has high power, strong brightness and good color. Its double layer light have strong background light resistance and fog penetrability.

It's lampshade adopts PC material that has strong shock resistance. The transmission part of caution light uses worm gear driving and rotation axle is equipped with copper sleeve. The caution light has good sealing property, which has waterproof, dust-proof and weather-resistant structures.

The Pulse explosive flash light type adopt high-efficiency xenon lamp as main lamp-house which can send out strong flash around and transfer emergency signal accurately even in extremely atrocious weather.
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